ucloud firewall remove-rule

Remove rule from firewall instance


Remove rule from firewall instance

ucloud firewall remove-rule [flags]


ucloud firewall remove-rule --fw-id firewall-2cxxxz/test.lxj2 --rules "TCP|24||ACCEPT|HIGH" --rules-file firewall_rules.txt


  --fw-id     strings       Required. Resource ID of firewalls to update 

  --rules     strings       Required if rules-file is empay. Rules to add to firewall.
                            Schema:'Protocol|Port|IP|Action|Level'. See 'ucloud firewall
                            create --help' for detail. 

  --rules-file     string   Required if rules is empty. Path of rules file, in which each rule
                            occupies one line. Schema: Protocol|Port|IP|Action|Level. 

  --region     string       Optional. Region, see 'ucloud region' (default "cn-sh2") 

  --project-id     string   Optional. Project-id, see 'ucloud project list' (default "org-oxjwoi") 

  --help, -h                help for remove-rule 

Options inherited from parent commands

  --debug, -d   Running in debug mode 

  --json, -j    Print result in JSON format whenever possible